Maringna Village - Traditional Quilting Cluster (Kantha)

Maringna Village in Kachchh, Gujarat, West Coast of India
is a settlement of the Rabaris, a pastoral tribe


Reclaiming left over materials, giving them new life and creatively using them in new ways has been a part of their way of being for centuries, even until today.
The Rabari women engage themselves in various crafts, one being traditional quilting
(kantha work)

In traditional quilting reclaimed fabric scrapes are patched and appliqued together and quilted using simple running stitches. This is a traditional way of preserving and repurposing leftover fabrics.

Meet Hasiben Merabhai Rabari, a Kantha artisan from Kachchh. Practicing kantha work is her primary source of livelihood which she learnt from her mother. She practices kantha not just to earn an income but also to keep the craft alive within her community
It took Hasiben 140 hours to do kantha on the quilt of 75 sq ft area
Images courtesy of : Karan Anand