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we use quilting and patchwork technique with reclaimed materials to compose your artwork

Child Art Project

Children are free thinkers, their imaginations run wild. Through the Child Art project we want to help you preserve precious childhood memories by etching them on products that find a place in our daily lives. The spontaneity and playfulness of children vivify everything they do, especially in the way they make art.

“When I was the age of these children, I could draw like Raphael. It took me many years to learn how to draw like these children.”

-Pablo Picasso

How it Works

** You can select your product now and we will get in touch with you for your artwork via email.  Artworks submitted can be yours or your children's.

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Kantha artisans using reclaimed fabric to compose an artwork

Know your maker

Women from the Rabari Tribe living in Kachchh, who work with Kala Khoj, will make your products. Reclaiming leftover fabrics, giving them a new life, and creatively using them in new ways is not a novelty to this Tribe. It has been a part of their way of being for centuries, even until today.

Risks and challenges

Kala Khoj Producer Company Ltd. is an initiative by 11.11 / eleven eleven, a pret label based in Delhi, India. We at 11.11 / eleven eleven have been working with artisans across India, particularly in Gujarat since 2009. We currently work with around 400 artisans and have developed systems of production that have smoothened out processes. The years of experience in working with the craft sector is what makes us confident about coordinating and executing the Child Art project.

The translation of the artwork into an appliqued and quilted product will be done as accurately as possible. However, it will not be an exact replica since what is drawn on paper will be copied using fabric cut outs. The difference in the medium will lead to slight changes, especially depending on the complexity of the artwork.

We are also confident about the delivery timelines we have mentioned, owing to our 13 years of experience working with artisans. If however, there are any delays in production and delivery due to unforeseen circumstances, an update will be immediately sent to the clients about the revised timelines.

Kala Khoj

Child Art Product Collection

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"The label wants to tell the fashion world how to put artisans first with the help of little ones"

Since its debut at the Delhi Fashion Week with a spring/summer 2009 collection, 11.11/eleven eleven has been questioning the fashion system. Milan, Italy-trained Shani Himanshu launched the slow fashion brand with a limited batch of seasonless garments, employing artisans who worked with indigenous cotton and focused on heritage techniques, such as hand spinning, miniature tie-dye and quilting.

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